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Spikes Shoes

Jumping Zion Spikes Shoes

Featuring Mesh and PU upper material for comfort fit. Light weight shoe made up of EVA sole for maximum performance. There is a key available in the box for the spikes. Designed in such a way that it provides maximum comfort to the athletes preventing them from any sort of injuries.


Spirit Blue Spikes Shoes

The SPIRIT spikes offers a lightweight feel and locked in support with mesh and tpu film fusing. A tpu plate provides stability with seven removeable spikes offer custon traction for multiple distances events.This shoe is ideal for sprinters, short distances & hurdles events.(100mtr. to 400mtr.) Mesh upper with tpu film for breathability


Carbonite Spikes Shoes

carbonite track and field shoes offers great support while you take a step forward. It draws off all the moisture and looks graceful when you wear it. This pair is highly durable and fulfills all your needs. It has lace up closure and sublimation mesh which make this pair long lasting


Skylite Orange Spikes Shoes

The skylite flyknit track & field shoe fitting like a second skin and the spikes upper is designed from single threads of yarn that are precisely engineered and significantly reduce waste for a virtually seamless fit. The tpu spike plate features a custom shank, offering snap and response on the track.